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By registering to use the secure area of this website, you will be able to access a range of services provided by TT Club. It is primarily for the use of insured Members and their brokers, as well as insurance brokers generally.

ClaimsTrac - TT Club's claims analysis system. It allows customers to manage claims information. It is a secure and private database of each Member's claims. All Members are invited to access their claims in this way. Access is available to Members and their brokers.

Member Handbook - This contains all the basic information Members need about the Club's services and insurance cover. Most importantly, it sets out the procedure for making a claim. Access is limited to Members and their brokers.

Risk Management and Loss Prevention
We offer a selection of reference material and advice aimed at helping Members and brokers to improve risk assessment and modify risk exposure. It is possible for Members and all brokers to access this information.

TT's legal team offers model trading conditions which have been developed and refined over many years. Insurance wordings are also available as well as our International Conventions Handbook (available soon). Access is available to Members and all brokers.

Member Resources
A range of TT information relevant to our Members and their brokers is available. As well as Club Circulars, the latest results of our ongoing Customer Satisfaction Survey are viewable. Members and their brokers can access this information.

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